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According to PCrisk, Dacls is the name of a remote access Trojan (RAT), a malicious program that allows cyber criminals to control infected computers remotely.

Research shows that this malware is tied to Lazarus Group (a group of cyber criminals) and targets Linux and the Windows Operating System. Typically, cyber criminals use RATs to steal sensitive, confidential information, infect systems with other malware, and so on. In any case, no RAT is harmless and should be uninstalled immediately.

2021-10-08Virus BulletinSeongsu Park
Multi-universe of adversary: multiple campaigns of the Lazarus group and their connections
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2021-03-03SYGNIAAmitai Ben Shushan, Amnon Kushnir, Boaz Wasserman, Martin Korman, Noam Lifshitz
Lazarus Group’s MATA Framework Leveraged to Deploy TFlower Ransomware
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Top Linux Cloud Threats of 2020
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2020-09-10Kaspersky LabsGReAT
An overview of targeted attacks and APTs on Linux
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2020-07-29Kaspersky LabsGReAT
APT trends report Q2 2020
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2020-07-28Kaspersky LabsFélix Aime, Ivan Kwiatkowski, Pierre Delcher
Lazarus on the hunt for big game
Dacls Dacls Dacls VHD Ransomware
2020-07-22Kaspersky LabsGReAT
MATA: Multi-platform targeted malware framework
Dacls Dacls Dacls
2020-06-16IntezerAviygayil Mechtinger
ELF Malware Analysis 101: Linux Threats No Longer an Afterthought
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2020-02-13QianxinQi Anxin Threat Intelligence Center
APT Report 2019
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2019-12-17NetlabGenShen Ye, Jinye
Lazarus Group uses Dacls RAT to attack Linux platform
Dacls Log Collector Dacls

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