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Guardicore has discovered FritzFrog, a sophisticated peer-to-peer (P2P) botnet which has been actively breaching SSH servers since January 2020. It is a worm which is written in Golang, and is modular, multi-threaded and fileless, leaving no trace on the infected machine’s disk.

2021-03-21BlackberryBlackberry Research
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Bashlite FritzFrog IPStorm Mirai Tsunami elf.wellmess AppleJeus Dacls EvilQuest Manuscrypt Astaroth BazarBackdoor Cerber Cobalt Strike Emotet FinFisher RAT Kwampirs MimiKatz NjRAT Ryuk SmokeLoader TrickBot
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AgeLocker Anchor_DNS Blackrota Cloud Snooper Dacls Doki FritzFrog IPStorm Kaiji Kinsing NOTROBIN Penquin Turla PLEAD Prometei RansomEXX Stantinko TeamTNT TSCookie WellMail elf.wellmess TeamTNT
2020-08-19GuardicoreOphir Harpaz
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