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2023-12-08Security IntelligenceClaire Zaboeva, Golo Mühr, Joe Fasulo
ITG05 operations leverage Israel-Hamas conflict lures to deliver Headlace malware
2023-10-30Security JoesSecurityJoes
BiBi Wiper
BiBi-Linux BiBiGun
2023-10-27ElasticJoe Desimone, Salim Bitam
GHOSTPULSE haunts victims using defense evasion bag o' tricks
HijackLoader Lumma Stealer NetSupportManager RAT Rhadamanthys SectopRAT Vidar
2023-09-05Github (JoelGMSec)Joel Gámez Molina
MultiPlatform HTTP Reverse Shell
2023-06-02MandiantDAN NUTTING, Genevieve Stark, Greg Blaum, Jeremy Kennelly, JOE PISANO, Josh Murchie, Juraj Sucik, Justin Moore, Kimberly Goody, Matthew McWhirt, Nader Zaveri, NICHOLAS BENNETT, OLLIE STYLES, PETER UKHANOV, WILL SILVERSTONE, ZACH SCHRAMM, Zander Work
Zero-Day Vulnerability in MOVEit Transfer Exploited for Data Theft
2023-05-22eSentireJoe Stewart, Keegan Keplinger
2023-04-28DISCARDED PodcastJoe Wise, Pim Trouerbach
Beyond Banking: IcedID Gets Forked
IcedID PhotoLoader
2023-04-26eSentireJoe Stewart, Keegan Keplinger
Gootloader Unloaded: Researchers Launch Multi-Pronged Offensive Against Gootloader, Cutting Off Traffic to Thousands of Gootloader Web Pages and Using the Operator’s Very Own Tactics to Protect End-Users
2023-03-30ElasticDaniel Stepanic, Devon Kerr, Joe Desimone, Remco Sprooten, Samir Bousseaden
Elastic users protected from SUDDENICON’s supply chain attack
3CX Backdoor
2023-03-28MandiantDan Perez, Fred Plan, Jeffery Johnson, JOE DOBSON, Michael Barnhart, Van Ta
APT43: North Korean Group Uses Cybercrime to Fund Espionage Operations
2023-03-28MandiantDan Perez, Fred Plan, JEFF JOHNSON, JOE DOBSON, Michael Barnhart, Van Ta
APT43: North Korean Group Uses Cybercrime to Fund Espionage Operations
APT43 Kimsuky
2023-03-27ProofpointJoe Wise, Kelsey Merriman, Pim Trouerbach
Fork in the Ice: The New Era of IcedID
2023-03-23SentinelOneAleksandar Milenkoski, Joey Chen, Juan Andrés Guerrero-Saade, QGroup
Operation Tainted Love | Chinese APTs Target Telcos in New Attacks
2023-02-16SentinelOneAleksandar Milenkoski, Collin Farr, Joey Chen, QGroup
WIP26 Espionage | Threat Actors Abuse Cloud Infrastructure in Targeted Telco Attacks
2023-02-08Huntress LabsJoe Slowik, Matt Anderson
Investigating Intrusions From Intriguing Exploits
2023-01-24eSentireJoe Stewart, Keegan Keplinger
Unmasking Venom Spider
More_eggs TerraPreter TerraLoader VenomLNK
2023-01-03Security JoesSecurityJoes
Raspberry Robin Detected ITW Targeting Insurance & Financial Institutes In Europe
Raspberry Robin
2022-11-23Stranded on Pylos BlogJoe Slowik
Detailing Daily Domain Hunting
2022-10-12SentinelOneAmitai Ben Shushan Ehrlich, Joey Chen
WIP19 Espionage | New Chinese APT Targets IT Service Providers and Telcos With Signed Malware
Maggie ScreenCap WIP19
2022-09-29ReutersBozorgmehr Sharafedin, Joel Schectman
America’s Throwaway Spies How the CIA failed Iranian informants in its secret war with Tehran