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2023-02-02YouTube (SLEUTHCON)Christopher Glyer, Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC)
Lions, Tigers, and Infostealers - Oh my!
RecordBreaker RedLine Stealer Vidar
2022-07-11Twitter (@cglyer)Christopher Glyer
Tweet on LAPSUS$/DEV-0537
2022-01-11Twitter (@cglyer)Christopher Glyer
Tweet on CN based ransomware operator using log4shell to deploy NightSky
2022-01-11Twitter (@cglyer)Christopher Glyer
Thread on DEV-0401, a china based ransomware operator exploiting VMware Horizon with log4shell and deploying NightSky ransomware
Cobalt Strike NightSky
2020-12-13FireEyeAlex Berry, Alex Pennino, Alyssa Rahman, Andrew Archer, Andrew Rector, Andrew Thompson, Barry Vengerik, Ben Read, Ben Withnell, Chris DiGiamo, Christopher Glyer, Dan Perez, Dileep Jallepalli, Doug Bienstock, Eric Scales, Evan Reese, Fred House, Glenn Edwards, Ian Ahl, Isif Ibrahima, Jay Smith, John Gorman, John Hultquist, Jon Leathery, Lennard Galang, Marcin Siedlarz, Matt Dunwoody, Matthew McWhirt, Michael Sikorski, Microsoft, Mike Burns, Nalani Fraiser, Nick Bennett, Nick Carr, Nick Hornick, Nick Richard, Nicole Oppenheim, Omer Baig, Ramin Nafisi, Sarah Jones, Scott Runnels, Stephen Eckels, Steve Miller, Steve Stone, William Ballenthin
Highly Evasive Attacker Leverages SolarWinds Supply Chain to Compromise Multiple Global Victims With SUNBURST Backdoor
2020-03-25FireEyeChristopher Glyer, Dan Perez, Sarah Jones, Steve Miller
This Is Not a Test: APT41 Initiates Global Intrusion Campaign Using Multiple Exploits
Speculoos Cobalt Strike
2019-01-11FireEyeChristopher Glyer, Jaideep Natu, Jeremy Kennelly, Kimberly Goody
A Nasty Trick: From Credential Theft Malware to Business Disruption
2017-12-14FireEyeBlake Johnson, Christopher Glyer, Dan Caban, Dan Scali, Marina Krotofil, Nathan Brubaker
Attackers Deploy New ICS Attack Framework “TRITON” and Cause Operational Disruption to Critical Infrastructure
Triton TEMP.Veles
2017-10-26FireEyeBarry Vengerik, Ben Read, Brian Mordosky, Christopher Glyer, Ian Ahl, Matt Williams, Michael Matonis, Nick Carr
BACKSWING - Pulling a BADRABBIT Out of a Hat