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2024-02-01YouTube (Embee Research)Embee_research
Xworm Malware Analysis - Unravelling Multi-stage Malware with CyberChef and DnSpy
2024-01-30AT&T CybersecurityPeter Boyle
DarkGate malware delivered via Microsoft Teams - detection and response
2024-01-22SentinelOneAleksandar Milenkoski, Tom Hegel
ScarCruft | Attackers Gather Strategic Intelligence and Target Cybersecurity Professionals
2024-01-11Cybercrime DiariesOleg
Russian Language Cybercriminal Forums - Steep Investments And Hefty Profits.
2024-01-11ForescoutJos Wetzels
Clearing the Fog of War – A critical analysis of recent energy sector cyberattacks in Denmark and Ukraine
2024-01-02OODA LoopEmilio Iasiello
Critical Infrastructure Remains the Brass Ring for Cyber Attackers in 2024
Pink Sandstorm
2024-01-01Cybercrime DiariesOleg
Russian Language Cybercriminal Forums - An Excursion Into The Core Of The Underground Ecosystem.
2023-12-18YoroiCarmelo Ragusa, Luigi Martire
Innovation in Cyber Intrusions: The Evolution of TA544
2023-12-13MicrosoftAmy Hogan-Burney
Disrupting the gateway services to cybercrime
2023-12-11Washington PostEllen Nakashima, Joseph Menn
China’s cyber army is invading critical U.S. services
2023-12-07MicrosoftClint Watts
Russian influence and cyber operations adapt for long haul and exploit war fatigue
UAC-0050 mass cyberattack using RemcosRAT/MeduzaStealer against Ukraine and Poland (CERT-UA#8218)
Meduza Stealer Remcos blogHendrik Eckardt
The csharp-streamer RAT
csharp-streamer RAT
2023-12-04The RecordJonathan Greig
Florida water agency latest to confirm cyber incident as feds warn of nation-state attacks
2023-11-22MicrosoftMicrosoft Threat Intelligence
Diamond Sleet supply chain compromise distributes a modified CyberLink installer
2023-11-20PWCSveva Vittoria Scenarelli
King of Thieves: Black Alicanto and the Ecosystem of North Korea-Based Cyber Operations
RustBucket CageyChameleon RustBucket
2023-11-16YouTube (Swiss Cyber Storm)Angelo Violetti
Resilience Rising: Countering the Threat Actors Behind Black Basta Ransomware
Black Basta
2023-11-11Precision PC OnlinePrecision PC Online
A Unified Front Against Cyber Mercenaries
Blue Tsunami
2023-11-09MicrosoftMicrosoft Threat Intelligence
Microsoft shares threat intelligence at CYBERWARCON 2023
Blue Tsunami
2023-11-09CYBERWARZONETech Team
Tasnim News Hacked By WeRedEvils