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Actor(s): Anunak

FireEye describes BOOSTWRITE as a loader crafted to be launched via abuse of the DLL search order of applications which load the legitimate ‘Dwrite.dll’ provided by the Microsoft DirectX Typography Services. The application loads the ‘gdi’ library, which loads the ‘gdiplus’ library, which ultimately loads ‘Dwrite’. Mandiant identified instances where BOOSTWRITE was placed on the file system alongside the RDFClient binary to force the application to import DWriteCreateFactory from it rather than the legitimate DWrite.dll.

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Bateleur BELLHOP Griffon SQLRat POWERSOURCE Andromeda BABYMETAL BlackCat BlackMatter BOOSTWRITE Carbanak Cobalt Strike DNSMessenger Dridex DRIFTPIN Gameover P2P MimiKatz Murofet Qadars Ranbyus SocksBot
2020-02-13QianxinQi Anxin Threat Intelligence Center
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Chrysaor Exodus Dacls VPNFilter DNSRat Griffon KopiLuwak More_eggs SQLRat AppleJeus BONDUPDATER Agent.BTZ Anchor AndroMut AppleJeus BOOSTWRITE Brambul Carbanak Cobalt Strike Dacls DistTrack DNSpionage Dtrack ELECTRICFISH FlawedAmmyy FlawedGrace Get2 Grateful POS HOPLIGHT Imminent Monitor RAT jason Joanap KerrDown KEYMARBLE Lambert LightNeuron LoJax MiniDuke PolyglotDuke PowerRatankba Rising Sun SDBbot ServHelper Snatch Stuxnet TinyMet tRat TrickBot Volgmer X-Agent Zebrocy
2019-10-10FireEyeNick Carr, Josh Yoder, Kimberly Goody, Scott Runnels, Jeremy Kennelly, Jordan Nuce
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Yara Rules
[TLP:WHITE] win_boostwrite_w0 (20191012 | No description)
rule win_boostwrite_w0 {
        author = "Nick Carr (@itsreallynick)"
        reference = ""
        malpedia_reference = ""
        malpedia_version = "20191012"
        malpedia_license = "CC BY-SA 4.0"
        malpedia_sharing = "TLP:WHITE"

        $weetPDB = /RSDS[\x00-\xFF]{20}[a-zA-Z]?:?\\[\\\s|*\s]?.{0,250}\\DWriteImpl[\\\s|*\s]?.{0,250}\.pdb\x00/ nocase

        (uint16(0) == 0x5A4D) and uint32(uint32(0x3C)) == 0x00004550 and $weetPDB and filesize < 6MB
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