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aka: ATK103, CHIMBORAZO, DEV-0950, Dudear, FIN11, G0092, GOLD TAHOE, GRACEFUL SPIDER, Hive0065, Lace Tempest, SectorJ04, SectorJ04 Group, Spandex Tempest

TA505, the name given by Proofpoint, has been in the cybercrime business for at least four years. This is the group behind the infamous Dridex banking trojan and Locky ransomware, delivered through malicious email campaigns via Necurs botnet. Other malware associated with TA505 include Philadelphia and GlobeImposter ransomware families.

Associated Families
win.andromut win.clop win.dridex win.flawedammyy win.flawedgrace win.get2 win.locky win.mirrorblast win.rms win.sdbbot win.servhelper win.silence win.teleport win.tinymet win.trickbot

Largest ever operation against botnets hits dropper malware ecosystem
BumbleBee IcedID SmokeLoader SystemBC TrickBot
2024-05-01Natto ThoughtsNatto Team
Ransom-War: Russian Extortion Operations as Hybrid Warfare, Part One
Clop Conti Maze TrickBot
2024-02-12Estrellas's BlogOtávio M.
Unveiling custom packers: A comprehensive guide
Dridex Simda
2023-12-01The RecordDaryna Antoniuk
Russian developer of Trickbot malware pleads guilty, faces 35-year sentence
2023-09-07Department of JusticeOffice of Public Affairs
Multiple Foreign Nationals Charged in Connection with Trickbot Malware and Conti Ransomware Conspiracies
Conti Conti TrickBot
2023-08-30NisosVincas Čižiūnas
Trickbot in Light of Trickleaks Data
2023-07-26TalosNicole Hoffman
Incident Response trends Q2 2023: Data theft extortion rises, while healthcare is still most-targeted vertical
BianLian Clop LockBit Royal Ransom LockBit 8Base BianLian Clop LockBit Money Message Royal Ransom
2023-07-13malware.loveRobert Giczewski
TrueBot Analysis Part IV - Config Extraction
Increased Truebot Activity Infects U.S. and Canada Based Networks
2023-06-27SecurityIntelligenceCharlotte Hammond, Ole Villadsen
The Trickbot/Conti Crypters: Where Are They Now?
Black Basta Conti Mount Locker PhotoLoader Royal Ransom SystemBC TrickBot
2023-06-23FourcoreJones Martin
Clop Ransomware: History, Timeline, And Adversary Simulation
2023-06-12The DFIR ReportMaxime Thiebaut
A Truly Graceful Wipe Out
FlawedGrace Silence
2023-06-01vmwareFae Carlisle
Carbon Black’s TrueBot Detection
2023-05-23loginsoftSaharsh Agrawal
Taming the Storm: Understanding and Mitigating the Consequences of CVE-2023-27350
Clop LockBit Silence
2023-03-31malware.loveRobert Giczewski
TrueBot Analysis Part III - Capabilities
2023-03-30IBMFred Chidsey, John Dwyer, Joseph Lozowski
X-Force Prevents Zero Day from Going Anywhere
2023-02-27PRODAFT Threat IntelligencePRODAFT
RIG Exploit Kit: In-Depth Analysis
Dridex IcedID ISFB PureCrypter Raccoon RecordBreaker RedLine Stealer Royal Ransom Silence SmokeLoader Zloader
2023-02-18malware.loveRobert Giczewski
TrueBot Analysis Part II - Static unpacker
2023-02-12malware.loveRobert Giczewski
TrueBot Analysis Part I - A short glimpse into packed TrueBot samples
2023-02-09U.S. Department of the TreasuryU.S. Department of the Treasury
United States and United Kingdom Sanction Members of Russia-Based Trickbot Cybercrime Gang
2023-02-08Huntress LabsJoe Slowik, Matt Anderson
Investigating Intrusions From Intriguing Exploits
2023-01-30CheckpointArie Olshtein
Following the Scent of TrickGate: 6-Year-Old Packer Used to Deploy the Most Wanted Malware
Agent Tesla Azorult Buer Cerber Cobalt Strike Emotet Formbook HawkEye Keylogger Loki Password Stealer (PWS) Maze NetWire RC Remcos REvil TrickBot
2022-12-27Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Bob Jung, Daniel Raygoza, Esmid Idrizovic, Sean Hughes
Navigating the Vast Ocean of Sandbox Evasions
TrickBot Zebrocy
2022-12-08Cisco TalosTiago Pereira
Breaking the silence - Recent Truebot activity
Clop Cobalt Strike FlawedGrace Raspberry Robin Silence Teleport
2022-12-06EuRepoCCamille Borrett, Kerstin Zettl-Schabath, Lena Rottinger
Conti/Wizard Spider
BazarBackdoor Cobalt Strike Conti Emotet IcedID Ryuk TrickBot WIZARD SPIDER
2022-11-11CodesecHugo Caron
GraceWire / FlawedGrace malware adventure
2022-10-31paloalto Netoworks: Unit42Or Chechik
Banking Trojan Techniques: How Financially Motivated Malware Became Infrastructure
Dridex Kronos TrickBot Zeus
2022-10-27MicrosoftMicrosoft Threat Intelligence
Raspberry Robin worm part of larger ecosystem facilitating pre-ransomware activity
FAKEUPDATES BumbleBee Clop Fauppod Raspberry Robin Roshtyak Silence DEV-0950 Mustard Tempest
2022-10-27Bleeping ComputerSergiu Gatlan
Microsoft links Raspberry Robin worm to Clop ransomware attacks
Clop Raspberry Robin
2022-10-13SpamhausSpamhaus Malware Labs
Spamhaus Botnet Threat Update Q3 2022
FluBot Arkei Stealer AsyncRAT Ave Maria BumbleBee Cobalt Strike DCRat Dridex Emotet Loki Password Stealer (PWS) Nanocore RAT NetWire RC NjRAT QakBot RecordBreaker RedLine Stealer Remcos Socelars Tofsee Vjw0rm
2022-09-13AdvIntelAdvanced Intelligence
AdvIntel's State of Emotet aka "SpmTools" Displays Over Million Compromised Machines Through 2022
Conti Cobalt Strike Emotet Ryuk TrickBot
TA505 Group’s TeslaGun In-Depth Analysis
Clop ServHelper
TA505 Group’s TeslaGun In-Depth Analysis
2022-09-01IBMEmmy Ebanks, Kevin Henson
Raspberry Robin and Dridex: Two Birds of a Feather
Dridex Raspberry Robin
2022-08-24Github (rad9800)Rad Kawar
Malware Madness: EXCEPTION edition
2022-08-18IBMCharlotte Hammond, Ole Villadsen
From Ramnit To Bumblebee (via NeverQuest): Similarities and Code Overlap Shed Light On Relationships Between Malware Developers
BumbleBee Karius Ramnit TrickBot Vawtrak
2022-08-15SentinelOneVikram Navali
Detecting a Rogue Domain Controller – DCShadow Attack
MimiKatz TrickBot
2022-07-26MandiantDaniel Kapellmann Zafra, Jay Christiansen, Keith Lunden, Ken Proska, Thibault van Geluwe de Berlaere
Mandiant Red Team Emulates FIN11 Tactics To Control Operational Technology Servers
Clop Industroyer MimiKatz Triton
2022-07-09Artik BlueArtik Blue
Malware analysis with IDA/Radare2 - Basic Unpacking (Dridex first stage)
2022-06-23KasperskyDanila Nasonov, Natalya Shornikova, Nikita Nazarov, Vasily Davydov, Vladislav Burtsev
The hateful eight: Kaspersky’s guide to modern ransomware groups’ TTPs (Download Form)
BlackByte BlackCat Clop Conti Hive LockBit Mespinoza RagnarLocker
2022-06-23KasperskyDanila Nasonov, Natalya Shornikova, Nikita Nazarov, Vasily Davydov, Vladislav Burtsev
The hateful eight: Kaspersky’s guide to modern ransomware groups’ TTPs
Conti Hive BlackByte BlackCat Clop LockBit Mespinoza Ragnarok
2022-06-15AttackIQAttackIQ Adversary Research Team, Jackson Wells
Attack Graph Emulating the Conti Ransomware Team’s Behaviors
BazarBackdoor Conti TrickBot
2022-06-13Jorge TestaJorge Testa
Killing The Bear - Evil Corp
FAKEUPDATES Babuk Blister DoppelPaymer Dridex Entropy FriedEx Hades Macaw Phoenix Locker WastedLoader WastedLocker
Conti Targets Critical Firmware
Conti HermeticWiper TrickBot WhisperGate
2022-06-02MandiantMandiant Intelligence
To HADES and Back: UNC2165 Shifts to LOCKBIT to Evade Sanctions
FAKEUPDATES Blister Cobalt Strike DoppelPaymer Dridex FriedEx Hades LockBit Macaw MimiKatz Phoenix Locker WastedLocker
2022-05-28Bleeping ComputerSergiu Gatlan
Clop ransomware gang is back, hits 21 victims in a single month
2022-05-24Deep instinctBar Block
Blame the Messenger: 4 Types of Dropper Malware in Microsoft Office & How to Detect Them
Dridex Emotet
2022-05-24The Hacker NewsFlorian Goutin
Malware Analysis: Trickbot
Cobalt Strike Conti Ryuk TrickBot
2022-05-19Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Saqib Khanzada
Weaponization of Excel Add-Ins Part 2: Dridex Infection Chain Case Studies
2022-05-17Trend MicroTrend Micro Research
Ransomware Spotlight: RansomEXX
LaZagne Cobalt Strike IcedID MimiKatz PyXie RansomEXX TrickBot
RiskIQ: Identifying Dridex C2 via SSL Certificate Patterns
2022-05-09MicrosoftMicrosoft 365 Defender Threat Intelligence Team, Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC)
Ransomware-as-a-service: Understanding the cybercrime gig economy and how to protect yourself
AnchorDNS BlackCat BlackMatter Conti DarkSide HelloKitty Hive LockBit REvil FAKEUPDATES Griffon ATOMSILO BazarBackdoor BlackCat BlackMatter Blister Cobalt Strike Conti DarkSide Emotet FiveHands Gozi HelloKitty Hive IcedID ISFB JSSLoader LockBit LockFile Maze NightSky Pandora Phobos Phoenix Locker PhotoLoader QakBot REvil Rook Ryuk SystemBC TrickBot WastedLocker BRONZE STARLIGHT
2022-05-09Microsoft SecurityMicrosoft 365 Defender Threat Intelligence Team, Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center
Ransomware-as-a-service: Understanding the cybercrime gig economy and how to protect yourself
Griffon BazarBackdoor BlackCat BlackMatter Blister Gozi LockBit Pandora Rook SystemBC TrickBot
2022-05-05YouTube (Chris Greer)Chris Greer
MALWARE Analysis with Wireshark // TRICKBOT Infection
2022-04-28SymantecKarthikeyan C Kasiviswanathan, Vishal Kamble
Ransomware: How Attackers are Breaching Corporate Networks
AvosLocker Conti Emotet Hive IcedID PhotoLoader QakBot TrickBot
Bateleur BELLHOP Griffon SQLRat POWERSOURCE Andromeda BABYMETAL BlackCat BlackMatter BOOSTWRITE Carbanak Cobalt Strike DNSMessenger Dridex DRIFTPIN Gameover P2P MimiKatz Murofet Qadars Ranbyus SocksBot
2022-04-27Medium elis531989Eli Salem
The chronicles of Bumblebee: The Hook, the Bee, and the Trickbot connection
BumbleBee TrickBot
2022-04-26Intel 471Intel 471
Conti and Emotet: A constantly destructive duo
Cobalt Strike Conti Emotet IcedID QakBot TrickBot
2022-04-20CISAAustralian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (CCCS), CISA, FBI, Government Communications Security Bureau, National Crime Agency (NCA), NCSC UK, NSA
AA22-110A Joint CSA: Russian State-Sponsored and Criminal Cyber Threats to Critical Infrastructure
VPNFilter BlackEnergy DanaBot DoppelDridex Emotet EternalPetya GoldMax Industroyer Sality SmokeLoader TrickBot Triton Zloader
Alert (AA22-110A): Russian State-Sponsored and Criminal Cyber Threats to Critical Infrastructure
VPNFilter BlackEnergy DanaBot DoppelDridex Emotet EternalPetya GoldMax Industroyer Sality SmokeLoader TrickBot Triton Zloader Killnet
2022-04-18RiskIQJennifer Grob
RiskIQ: Trickbot Rickroll
2022-04-17BushidoToken BlogBushidoToken
Lessons from the Conti Leaks
BazarBackdoor Conti Emotet IcedID Ryuk TrickBot
2022-04-15Arctic WolfArctic Wolf
The Karakurt Web: Threat Intel and Blockchain Analysis Reveals Extension of Conti Business Model
Conti Diavol Ryuk TrickBot
2022-04-15Bleeping ComputerIonut Ilascu
Karakurt revealed as data extortion arm of Conti cybercrime syndicate
Anchor BazarBackdoor Conti TrickBot
2022-04-08ReversingLabsPaul Roberts
ConversingLabs Ep. 2: Conti pivots as ransomware as a service struggles
Conti Emotet TrickBot
2022-04-05Intel 471Intel 471
Move fast and commit crimes: Conti’s development teams mirror corporate tech
BazarBackdoor TrickBot
2022-03-31TrellixJambul Tologonov, John Fokker
Conti Leaks: Examining the Panama Papers of Ransomware
LockBit Amadey Buer Conti IcedID LockBit Mailto Maze PhotoLoader Ryuk TrickBot
2022-03-23SecureworksCounter Threat Unit ResearchTeam
GOLD ULRICK Leaks Reveal Organizational Structure and Relationships
Conti Emotet IcedID TrickBot
2022-03-23SecureworksCounter Threat Unit ResearchTeam
Threat Intelligence Executive Report Volume 2022, Number 2
Conti Emotet IcedID TrickBot
2022-03-21Threat PostLisa Vaas
Conti Ransomware V. 3, Including Decryptor, Leaked
Cobalt Strike Conti TrickBot
2022-03-18AvastMartin Hron
Mēris and TrickBot standing on the shoulders of giants
Glupteba Proxy Glupteba TrickBot
2022-03-16MicrosoftMicrosoft Defender for IoT Research Team, Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC)
Uncovering Trickbot’s use of IoT devices in command-and-control infrastructure
RiskIQ: Trickbot Abuse of Compromised MikroTik Routers for Command and Control
2022-03-13Malcatmalcat team
Cutting corners against a Dridex downloader
2022-03-09Bleeping ComputerIonut Ilascu
CISA updates Conti ransomware alert with nearly 100 domain names
BazarBackdoor Cobalt Strike Conti TrickBot
2022-03-09BreachQuestBernard Silvestrini, Marco Figueroa, Napoleon Bing
The Conti Leaks | Insight into a Ransomware Unicorn
Cobalt Strike MimiKatz TrickBot
2022-03-04ReutersRaphael Satter
Details of another big ransomware group 'Trickbot' leak online, experts say
2022-03-02KrebsOnSecurityBrian Krebs
Conti Ransomware Group Diaries, Part II: The Office
Conti Emotet Ryuk TrickBot
2022-03-02CyberArkCyberArk Labs
Conti Group Leaked!
TeamTNT Conti TrickBot
2022-03-02ThreatpostLisa Vaas
Conti Ransomware Decryptor, TrickBot Source Code Leaked
Conti TrickBot
Leaks: Conti / Trickbot
Conti TrickBot
VirusTotal's 2021 Malware Trends Report
Anubis AsyncRAT BlackMatter Cobalt Strike DanaBot Dridex Khonsari MimiKatz Mirai Nanocore RAT Orcus RAT
2022-02-25CyberScoopJoe Warminsky
TrickBot malware suddenly got quiet, researchers say, but it's hardly the end for its operators
BazarBackdoor Emotet TrickBot
2022-02-24The RecordCatalin Cimpanu
TrickBot gang shuts down botnet after months of inactivity
2022-02-24The Hacker NewsRavie Lakshmanan
TrickBot Gang Likely Shifting Operations to Switch to New Malware
BazarBackdoor Emotet QakBot TrickBot
2022-02-24The Hacker NewsRavie Lakshmanan
Notorious TrickBot Malware Gang Shuts Down its Botnet Infrastructure
BazarBackdoor Emotet TrickBot
2022-02-23Sentinel LABSAntonio Pirozzi, Antonis Terefos, Idan Weizman
Sanctions Be Damned | From Dridex to Macaw, The Evolution of Evil Corp
Dridex WastedLocker
2022-02-23SophosLabs UncutAndrew Brandt
Dridex bots deliver Entropy ransomware in recent attacks
Cobalt Strike Dridex Entropy
2022-02-22Trend MicroTrend Micro Research
Ransomware Spotlight: Clop
2022-02-22Bankinfo SecurityMatthew J. Schwartz
Cybercrime Moves: Conti Ransomware Absorbs TrickBot Malware
Conti TrickBot
2022-02-20Security AffairsPierluigi Paganini
The Conti ransomware group takes over TrickBot malware operation and plans to replace it with BazarBackdoor malware.
Conti TrickBot
2022-02-18Bleeping ComputerIonut Ilascu
Conti ransomware gang takes over TrickBot malware operation
Conti TrickBot
2022-02-16Threat PostTara Seals
TrickBot Ravages Customers of Amazon, PayPal and Other Top Brands
2022-02-16Advanced IntelligenceYelisey Boguslavskiy
The TrickBot Saga’s Finale Has Aired: Spinoff is Already in the Works
2022-02-16Check Point ResearchAliaksandr Trafimchuk, Raman Ladutska
A Modern Ninja: Evasive Trickbot Attacks Customers of 60 High-Profile Companies
2022-02-08Intel 471Intel 471
PrivateLoader: The first step in many malware schemes
Dridex Kronos LockBit Nanocore RAT NjRAT PrivateLoader Quasar RAT RedLine Stealer Remcos SmokeLoader STOP Tofsee TrickBot Vidar
2022-02-02IBMKevin Henson
TrickBot Gang Uses Template-Based Metaprogramming in Bazar Malware
BazarBackdoor TrickBot
2022-02-01WiredMatt Burgess
Inside Trickbot, Russia’s Notorious Ransomware Gang
2022-02-01Sentinel LABSAntonio Pirozzi, Antonis Terefos, Idan Weizman
Sanctions be Damned | From Dridex To Macaw, The Evolution of Evil Corp
Dridex FriedEx Hades Phoenix Locker WastedLocker
2022-02-01WiredMatt Burgess
Inside Trickbot, Russia’s Notorious Ransomware Gang
2022-01-24IBMCharlotte Hammond, Itzik Chimino, Limor Kessem, Michael Gal, Segev Fogel
TrickBot Bolsters Layered Defenses to Prevent Injection Research
2022-01-24Kryptos LogicKryptos Logic Vantage Team
Deep Dive into Trickbot's Web Injection
CU-000161-MW: Indicators of Compromise Associated with Diavol Ransomware
Diavol TrickBot
2022-01-18Recorded FutureInsikt Group®
2021 Adversary Infrastructure Report
BazarBackdoor Cobalt Strike Dridex IcedID QakBot TrickBot
2022-01-14RiskIQJordan Herman
RiskIQ: Unique SSL Certificates and JARM Hash Connected to Emotet and Dridex C2 Servers
Dridex Emotet
2022-01-11muha2xmadMuhammad Hasan Ali
Unpacking Dridex malware
2022-01-09Atomic Matryoshkaz3r0day_504
Malware Headliners: Dridex
2021-12-23SymantecSiddhesh Chandrayan
Log4j Vulnerabilities: Attack Insights
Tsunami Conti Dridex Khonsari Orcus RAT TellYouThePass
2021-12-20InQuestNick Chalard
(Don't) Bring Dridex Home for the Holidays
DoppelDridex Dridex
2021-12-08Check Point ResearchAliaksandr Trafimchuk, David Driker, Raman Ladutska, Yali Magiel
When old friends meet again: why Emotet chose Trickbot for rebirth
Emotet TrickBot
2021-12-03GoSecureGoSecure Titan Labs
TrickBot Leverages Zoom Work from Home Interview Malspam, Heaven’s Gate and… Spamhaus?
2021-12-01NCC GroupMichael Sandee, Nikolaos Pantazopoulos
Tracking a P2P network related to TA505
FlawedGrace Necurs
2021-11-21Cyber-AnubisNidal Fikri
Dridex Trojan | Defeating Anti-Analysis | Strings Decryption | C&C Extraction
DoppelDridex Dridex
2021-11-16YoroiCarmelo Ragusa, Luca Mella, Luigi Martire
Office Documents: May the XLL technique change the threat Landscape in 2022?
Agent Tesla Dridex Formbook
2021-11-16Trend MicroTrend Micro
Global Operations Lead to Arrests of Alleged Members of GandCrab/REvil and Cl0p Cartels
REvil Clop Gandcrab REvil
2021-11-16MalwarebytesMalwarebytes Threat Intelligence Team
TrickBot helps Emotet come back from the dead
Emotet TrickBot
2021-11-12Recorded FutureInsikt Group®
The Business of Fraud: Botnet Malware Dissemination
Mozi Dridex IcedID QakBot TrickBot
2021-11-04Security Service of UkraineSecurity Service of Ukraine
Gamaredon / Armageddon Group: FSB RF Cyber attacks against Ukraine
EvilGnome Pteranodon RMS
12 targeted for involvement in ransomware attacks against critical infrastructure
Cobalt Strike Dharma LockerGoga MegaCortex TrickBot
2021-10-29Національна поліція УкраїниНаціональна поліція України
Cyberpolice exposes transnational criminal group in causing $ 120 million in damage to foreign companies
Cobalt Strike Dharma LockerGoga MegaCortex TrickBot
2021-10-28Department of JusticeDepartment of Justice
Indictment: Russian National (Vladimir Dunaev) Extradited to United States to Face Charges for Alleged Role in Cybercriminal Organization
2021-10-28Department of JusticeDepartment of Justice
Russian National (Vladimir Dunaev) Extradited to United States to Face Charges for Alleged Role in Cybercriminal Organization
2021-10-27VinCSSm4n0w4r, Tran Trung Kien
[RE025] TrickBot ... many tricks
2021-10-21CrowdStrikeAlex Clinton, Tasha Robinson
Stopping GRACEFUL SPIDER: Falcon Complete’s Fast Response to Recent SolarWinds Serv-U Exploit Campaign
Cobalt Strike FlawedGrace TinyMet
2021-10-19ProofpointAxel F, Brandon Murphy, Crista Giering, Georgi Mladenov, Matthew Mesa, Zydeca Cass
Whatta TA: TA505 Ramps Up Activity, Delivers New FlawedGrace Variant
FlawedGrace MirrorBlast
2021-10-19KasperskyOleg Kupreev
Trickbot module descriptions
2021-10-14MorphisecArnold Osipov
Explosive New MirrorBlast Campaign Targets Financial Companies
2021-10-13IBMCharlotte Hammond, Ole Villadsen
Trickbot Rising — Gang Doubles Down on Infection Efforts to Amass Network Footholds
BazarBackdoor TrickBot
2021-10-08ZscalerLenart Brave, Tarun Dewan
New Trickbot and BazarLoader campaigns use multiple delivery vectorsi
BazarBackdoor TrickBot
2021-10-07MandiantMandiant Research Team
FIN12 Group Profile: FIN12 Priotizes Speed to Deploy Ransomware Aginst High-Value Targets
Cobalt Strike Empire Downloader TrickBot
2021-10-05FRSecureOscar Minks
The REBOL Yell: A New Novel REBOL Exploit
2021-10-05Trend MicroByron Gelera, Fyodor Yarochkin, Janus Agcaoili, Nikko Tamana
Ransomware as a Service: Enabler of Widespread Attacks
Cerber Conti DarkSide Gandcrab Locky Nefilim REvil Ryuk
2021-10-04CiscoTiago Pereira
Threat hunting in large datasets by clustering security events
BazarBackdoor TrickBot
2021-10-01HPHP Wolf Security
Threat Insights Report Q3 - 2021
STRRAT CloudEyE NetWire RC Remcos TrickBot Vjw0rm
Daily Ruleset Update Summary 2021/09/24
2021-09-19HPPatrick Schläpfer
MirrorBlast and TA505: Examining Similarities in Tactics, Techniques and Procedures
2021-09-15Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Anna Chung, Swetha Balla
Phishing Eager Travelers
2021-09-14CrowdStrikeCrowdStrike Intelligence Team
Big Game Hunting TTPs Continue to Shift After DarkSide Pipeline Attack
BlackMatter DarkSide REvil Avaddon BlackMatter Clop Conti CryptoLocker DarkSide DoppelPaymer Hades REvil
2021-09-06Bleeping ComputerLawrence Abrams
TrickBot gang developer arrested when trying to leave Korea
Diavol TrickBot
2021-09-03Trend MicroMohamad Mokbel
The State of SSL/TLS Certificate Usage in Malware C&C Communications
AdWind ostap AsyncRAT BazarBackdoor BitRAT Buer Chthonic CloudEyE Cobalt Strike DCRat Dridex FindPOS GootKit Gozi IcedID ISFB Nanocore RAT Orcus RAT PandaBanker Qadars QakBot Quasar RAT Rockloader ServHelper Shifu SManager TorrentLocker TrickBot Vawtrak Zeus Zloader
2021-08-19BlackberryBlackBerry Research & Intelligence Team
BlackBerry Prevents: Threat Actor Group TA575 and Dridex Malware
Cobalt Strike Dridex TA575
2021-08-15SymantecThreat Hunter Team
The Ransomware Threat
Babuk BlackMatter DarkSide Avaddon Babuk BADHATCH BazarBackdoor BlackMatter Clop Cobalt Strike Conti DarkSide DoppelPaymer Egregor Emotet FiveHands FriedEx Hades IcedID LockBit Maze MegaCortex MimiKatz QakBot RagnarLocker REvil Ryuk TrickBot WastedLocker
2021-08-12Cisco TalosVanja Svajcer
Signed MSI files, Raccoon and Amadey are used for installing ServHelper RAT
Amadey Raccoon ServHelper
2021-08-01The DFIR ReportThe DFIR Report
BazarCall to Conti Ransomware via Trickbot and Cobalt Strike
BazarBackdoor Cobalt Strike Conti TrickBot
2021-07-30HPPatrick Schläpfer
Detecting TA551 domains
Valak Dridex IcedID ISFB QakBot
2021-07-21splunkSplunk Threat Research Team
Detecting Trickbot with Splunk
2021-07-12BitdefenderBogdan Botezatu, Radu Tudorica
A Fresh Look at Trickbot’s Ever-Improving VNC Module
2021-07-06Medium walmartglobaltechJason Reaves, Joshua Platt
TA505 adds GoLang crypter for delivering miners and ServHelper
Skip the Middleman: Dridex Document to Cobalt Strike
Cobalt Strike Dridex
2021-07-02The RecordCatalin Cimpanu
TrickBot: New attacks see the botnet deploy new banking module, new ransomware
2021-07-01Kryptos LogicKryptos Logic Vantage Team
TrickBot and Zeus
TrickBot Zeus
2021-06-30Advanced IntelligenceAdvIntel Security & Development Team, Brandon Rudisel, Yelisey Boguslavskiy
Ransomware-&-CVE: Industry Insights Into Exclusive High-Value Target Adversarial Datasets
BlackKingdom Ransomware Clop dearcry Hades REvil
2021-06-25KrCertDongwook Kim, Kayoung Kim, Seulgi Lee, Taewoo Lee
Attack patterns in AD environment
Binance Helps Take Down Cybercriminal Ring Laundering $500M in Ransomware Attacks
2021-06-22Twitter (@Cryptolaemus1)Cryptolaemus, dao ming si, Kirk Sayre
Tweet on TA575, a Dridex affiliate delivering cobaltstrike (packed withe Cryptone) directly via the macro docs
Cobalt Strike Dridex
2021-06-16The RecordCatalin Cimpanu
Ukrainian police arrest Clop ransomware members, seize server infrastructure
2021-06-16Youtube (Національна поліція України)Національна поліція України
Кіберполіція викрила хакерське угруповання у розповсюдженні вірусу-шифрувальника (Clop operators)
2021-06-16ProofpointDaniel Blackford, Garrett M. Graff, Selena Larson
The First Step: Initial Access Leads to Ransomware
BazarBackdoor Egregor IcedID Maze QakBot REvil Ryuk TrickBot WastedLocker TA570 TA575 TA577
2021-06-16KrebsOnSecurityBrian Krebs
Ukrainian Police Nab Six Tied to CLOP Ransomware
2021-06-16Національної поліції УкраїниНаціональна поліція України
Cyberpolice exposes hacker group in spreading encryption virus and causing half a billion dollars in damage to foreign companies
Clop Cobalt Strike FlawedAmmyy
2021-06-15Trend MicroByron Gelera, Earle Earnshaw, Janus Agcaoili, Miguel Ang, Nikko Tamana
Ransomware Double Extortion and Beyond: REvil, Clop, and Conti
Clop Conti REvil
2021-06-08Intel 471Intel 471
The blurry boundaries between nation-state actors and the cybercrime underground
Dridex Gameover P2P
2021-06-07Medium walmartglobaltechJason Reaves, Joshua Platt
Inside the SystemBC Malware-As-A-Service
Ryuk SystemBC TrickBot
2021-06-04The RecordCatalin Cimpanu
US arrests Latvian woman who worked on Trickbot malware source code
2021-06-04Department of JusticeOffice of Public Affairs
Latvian National Charged for Alleged Role in Transnational Cybercrime Organization
2021-06-03YouTube (FIRST)Felipe Domingues, Gustavo Palazolo
Breaking Dridex Malware
2021-05-26DeepInstinctRon Ben Yizhak
A Deep Dive into Packing Software CryptOne
Cobalt Strike Dridex Emotet Gozi ISFB Mailto QakBot SmokeLoader WastedLocker Zloader
2021-05-19Intel 471Intel 471
Look how many cybercriminals love Cobalt Strike
BazarBackdoor Cobalt Strike Hancitor QakBot SmokeLoader SystemBC TrickBot
2021-05-13AWAKEKieran Evans
Catching the White Stork in Flight
Cobalt Strike MimiKatz RMS
Campo, a New Attack Campaign Targeting Japan
AnchorDNS BazarBackdoor campoloader Cobalt Strike Phobos Snifula TrickBot Zloader
2021-05-11CrowdStrikeThe Falcon Complete Team
Response When Minutes Matter: Rising Up Against Ransomware
Overview of Campo, a new attack campaign targeting Japan
AnchorDNS BazarBackdoor Cobalt Strike ISFB Phobos TrickBot Zloader
Intelligence Report on Ransomware Gangs on the DarkWeb: List of victim organizations attacked by ransomware gangs released on the DarkWeb
RansomEXX Avaddon Babuk Clop Conti Cuba DarkSide DoppelPaymer Egregor Hades LockBit Mailto Maze MedusaLocker Mespinoza Mount Locker Nefilim Nemty Pay2Key PwndLocker RagnarLocker Ragnarok RansomEXX REvil Sekhmet SunCrypt ThunderX
2021-05-05RiskIQKelsey Clapp
Viruses to Violations - TrickBot's Shift in Tactics During the Pandemic
2021-05-03splunkSplunk Threat Research Team
Clop Ransomware Detection: Threat Research Release, April 2021
2021-05-02The DFIR ReportThe DFIR Report
Trickbot Brief: Creds and Beacons
Cobalt Strike TrickBot
Ransomware Attack Vectors Shift as New Software Vulnerability Exploits Abound
Avaddon Clop Conti DarkSide Egregor LockBit Mailto Phobos REvil Ryuk SunCrypt BlogCorsin Camichel
Ransomware and Data Leak Site Publication Time Analysis
Avaddon Babuk Clop Conti DarkSide DoppelPaymer Mespinoza Nefilim REvil
2021-04-21SophosLabs UncutAnand Aijan, Andrew Brandt, Markel Picado, Michael Wood, Sean Gallagher, Sivagnanam Gn, Suriya Natarajan
Nearly half of malware now use TLS to conceal communications
Agent Tesla Cobalt Strike Dridex SystemBC
2021-04-15Twitter (@felixw3000)Felix
Tweet on Dridex's evasion technique
2021-04-15ProofpointSelena Larson
Threat Actors Pair Tax-Themed Lures With COVID-19, Healthcare Themes
Dridex TrickBot
2021-04-14ViceLorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
Meet The Ransomware Gang Behind One of the Biggest Supply Chain Hacks Ever
2021-04-13Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Doel Santos
Threat Assessment: Clop Ransomware
2021-04-13splunkSplunk Threat Research Team
Detecting Clop Ransomware
PaaS, or how hackers evade antivirus software
Amadey Bunitu Cerber Dridex ISFB KPOT Stealer Mailto Nemty Phobos Pony Predator The Thief QakBot Raccoon RTM SmokeLoader Zloader
Dridex Loader Analysis
2021-04-06Intel 471Intel 471
EtterSilent: the underground’s new favorite maldoc builder
BazarBackdoor ISFB QakBot TrickBot
2021-04-05Medium walmartglobaltechJason Reaves, Joshua Platt
TrickBot Crews New CobaltStrike Loader
Cobalt Strike TrickBot
Financial Cyberthreats in 2020
BetaBot DanaBot Emotet Gozi Ramnit RTM SpyEye TrickBot Zeus
2021-03-31Red CanaryRed Canary
2021 Threat Detection Report
Shlayer Andromeda Cobalt Strike Dridex Emotet IcedID MimiKatz QakBot TrickBot
2021-03-29VMWare Carbon BlackGiovanni Vigna, Jason Zhang, Oleg Boyarchuk
Dridex Reloaded: Analysis of a New Dridex Campaign
2021-03-26Bleeping ComputerLawrence Abrams
Ransomware gang urges victims’ customers to demand a ransom payment
2021-03-21BlackberryBlackberry Research
2021 Threat Report
Bashlite FritzFrog IPStorm Mirai Tsunami elf.wellmess AppleJeus Dacls EvilQuest Manuscrypt Astaroth BazarBackdoor Cerber Cobalt Strike Emotet FinFisher RAT Kwampirs MimiKatz NjRAT Ryuk SmokeLoader TrickBot
2021-03-18PRODAFT Threat IntelligencePRODAFT
SilverFish GroupThreat Actor Report
Cobalt Strike Dridex Koadic
2021-03-17HPHP Bromium
Threat Insights Report Q4-2020
Agent Tesla BitRAT ComodoSec Dridex Emotet Ficker Stealer Formbook Zloader
Alert (AA21-076A): TrickBot Malware
2021-03-11IBMDave McMillen, Limor Kessem
Dridex Campaign Propelled by Cutwail Botnet and Poisonous PowerShell Scripts
Cutwail Dridex
CL0P and REvil Escalate Their Ransomware Tactics
Clop REvil
2021-03-02Möbius Strip Reverse EngineeringRolf Rolles
An Exhaustively-Analyzed IDB for FlawedGrace
2021-03-01Group-IBOleg Skulkin, Roman Rezvukhin, Semyon Rogachev
Ransomware Uncovered 2020/2021
RansomEXX BazarBackdoor Buer Clop Conti DoppelPaymer Dridex Egregor IcedID Maze PwndLocker QakBot RansomEXX REvil Ryuk SDBbot TrickBot Zloader
2021-02-28PWC UKPWC UK
Cyber Threats 2020: A Year in Retrospect
elf.wellmess FlowerPower PowGoop 8.t Dropper Agent.BTZ Agent Tesla Appleseed Ave Maria Bankshot BazarBackdoor BLINDINGCAN Chinoxy Conti Cotx RAT Crimson RAT DUSTMAN Emotet FriedEx FunnyDream Hakbit Mailto Maze METALJACK Nefilim Oblique RAT Pay2Key PlugX QakBot REvil Ryuk StoneDrill StrongPity SUNBURST SUPERNOVA TrickBot TurlaRPC Turla SilentMoon WastedLocker WellMess Winnti ZeroCleare APT10 APT23 APT27 APT31 APT41 BlackTech BRONZE EDGEWOOD Inception Framework MUSTANG PANDA Red Charon Red Nue Sea Turtle Tonto Team
Ryuk Ransomware
BazarBackdoor Buer Conti Emotet Ryuk TrickBot
X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2021
Emotet QakBot Ramnit REvil TrickBot
2021 Global Threat Report
RansomEXX Amadey Anchor Avaddon BazarBackdoor Clop Cobalt Strike Conti Cutwail DanaBot DarkSide DoppelPaymer Dridex Egregor Emotet Hakbit IcedID JSOutProx KerrDown LockBit Mailto Maze MedusaLocker Mespinoza Mount Locker NedDnLoader Nemty Pay2Key PlugX Pushdo PwndLocker PyXie QakBot Quasar RAT RagnarLocker Ragnarok RansomEXX REvil Ryuk Sekhmet ShadowPad SmokeLoader Snake SUNBURST SunCrypt TEARDROP TrickBot WastedLocker Winnti Zloader Evilnum OUTLAW SPIDER RIDDLE SPIDER SOLAR SPIDER VIKING SPIDER
2021-02-22FireEyeAndrew Moore, Genevieve Stark, Isif Ibrahima, Kimberly Goody, Van Ta
Cyber Criminals Exploit Accellion FTA for Data Theft and Extortion
2021-02-15Medium s2wlabSojun Ryu
Operation SyncTrek
AbaddonPOS Azorult Clop DoppelDridex DoppelPaymer Dridex PwndLocker
2021-02-08ESET ResearchESET Research
2021-02-07Technical Blog of Ali AqeelAli Aqeel
Dridex Malware Analysis
2021-02-02Twitter (@TheDFIRReport)The DFIR Report
Tweet on recent dridex post infection activity
Cobalt Strike Dridex
2021-02-02CRONUPGermán Fernández
De ataque con Malware a incidente de Ransomware
Avaddon BazarBackdoor Buer Clop Cobalt Strike Conti DanaBot Dharma Dridex Egregor Emotet Empire Downloader FriedEx GootKit IcedID MegaCortex Nemty Phorpiex PwndLocker PyXie QakBot RansomEXX REvil Ryuk SDBbot SmokeLoader TrickBot Zloader
2021-02-01MicrosoftMicrosoft 365 Defender Threat Intelligence Team
What tracking an attacker email infrastructure tells us about persistent cybercriminal operations
Dridex Emotet Makop Ransomware SmokeLoader TrickBot
2021-02-01Kryptos LogicKryptos Logic Vantage Team
Trickbot masrv Module
2021-01-28Youtube (Virus Bulletin)Benoît Ancel
The Bagsu banker case
Azorult DreamBot Emotet Pony TrickBot ZeusAction
2021-01-26IBMNir Shwarts
TrickBot’s Survival Instinct Prevails — What’s Different About the TrickBoot Version?
2021-01-20Medium walmartglobaltechJason Reaves, Joshua Platt
Anchor and Lazarus together again?
Anchor TrickBot
2021-01-19Medium elis531989Eli Salem
Funtastic Packers And Where To Find Them
Get2 IcedID QakBot
2021-01-19HPPatrick Schläpfer
Dridex Malicious Document Analysis: Automating the Extraction of Payload URLs
2021-01-19Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Brad Duncan
Wireshark Tutorial: Examining Emotet Infection Traffic
Emotet GootKit IcedID QakBot TrickBot
2021-01-11The DFIR ReportThe DFIR Report
Trickbot Still Alive and Well
Cobalt Strike TrickBot
2021-01-09Marco Ramilli's BlogMarco Ramilli
Command and Control Traffic Patterns
ostap LaZagne Agent Tesla Azorult Buer Cobalt Strike DanaBot DarkComet Dridex Emotet Formbook IcedID ISFB NetWire RC PlugX Quasar RAT SmokeLoader TrickBot
2021-01-06DomainToolsJoe Slowik
Holiday Bazar: Tracking a TrickBot-Related Ransomware Incident
BazarBackdoor TrickBot
2021-01-05AhnLabAhnLab ASEC Analysis Team
[Threat Analysis] CLOP Ransomware that Attacked Korean Distribution Giant
2021-01-04Check PointCheck Point Research
DRIDEX Stopping Serial Killer: Catching the Next Strike
2021-01-04SentinelOneMarco Figueroa
Building a Custom Malware Analysis Lab Environment
Threat Profile: GOLD BLACKBURN
Buer Dyre TrickBot WIZARD SPIDER
Threat Profile: GOLD HERON
DoppelPaymer Dridex Empire Downloader DOPPEL SPIDER
Threat Profile: GOLD DRAKE
Cobalt Strike Dridex FriedEx Koadic MimiKatz WastedLocker Evil Corp
TrickBot: A Closer Look
2020-12-18Intel 471Intel 471
TA505’s modified loader means new attack campaign could be coming
2020-12-15Twitter (@darb0ng)Minhee Lee
Tweet on Symrise group hit by Clop Ransomware
2020-12-14BluelivAlberto Marín, Blueliv Labs Team, Carlos Rubio
Using Qiling Framework to Unpack TA505 packed samples
AndroMut Azorult Silence TinyMet
2020-12-10CybereasonJoakim Kandefelt
Cybereason vs. Ryuk Ransomware
BazarBackdoor Ryuk TrickBot
Alert (AA20-345A): Cyber Actors Target K-12 Distance Learning Education to Cause Disruptions and Steal Data
PerlBot Shlayer Agent Tesla Cerber Dridex Ghost RAT Kovter Maze MedusaLocker Nanocore RAT Nefilim REvil Ryuk Zeus
Ryuk Crypto-Ransomware
Ryuk TrickBot
2020-12-03Bleeping ComputerLawrence Abrams
Ransomware gang says they stole 2 million credit cards from E-Land
TrickBot Now Offers ‘TrickBoot’: Persist, Brick, Profit
2020-12-02AhnLabAhnLab ASEC Analysis Team
CLOP Ransomware Report
2020-11-23S2W LAB Inc.TALON
[S2W LAB] Analysis of Clop Ransomware suspiciously related to the Recent Incident
2020-11-23BitdefenderLiviu Arsene, Radu Tudorica
TrickBot is Dead. Long Live TrickBot!
2020-11-22malware.loveRobert Giczewski
Trickbot tricks again [UPDATE]
2020-11-20ZDNetCatalin Cimpanu
The malware that usually installs ransomware and you need to remove right away
Avaddon BazarBackdoor Buer Clop Cobalt Strike Conti DoppelPaymer Dridex Egregor Emotet FriedEx MegaCortex Phorpiex PwndLocker QakBot Ryuk SDBbot TrickBot Zloader
2020-11-20Bleeping ComputerLawrence Abrams
LightBot: TrickBot’s new reconnaissance malware for high-value targets
LightBot TrickBot
SOPHOS 2021 THREAT REPORT Navigating cybersecurity in an uncertain world
Agent Tesla Dridex TrickBot Zloader
2020-11-17Salesforce EngineeringJohn Althouse
Easily Identify Malicious Servers on the Internet with JARM
Cobalt Strike TrickBot
2020-11-17malware.loveRobert Giczewski
Trickbot tricks again
2020-11-17Twitter (@VK_intel)Vitali Kremez
Tweet on a new fileless TrickBot loading method using code from MemoryModule
2020-11-16Intel 471Intel 471
Ransomware-as-a-service: The pandemic within a pandemic
Avaddon Clop Conti DoppelPaymer Egregor Hakbit Mailto Maze Mespinoza RagnarLocker REvil Ryuk SunCrypt ThunderX
2020-11-16Fox-ITAnne Postma, Antonis Terefos, Tera0017
TA505: A Brief History Of Their Time
Clop Get2 SDBbot TA505
2020-11-12Hurricane LabsDusty Miller
Splunking with Sysmon Part 4: Detecting Trickbot
2020-11-12Australian Cyber Security CentreAustralian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC)
Biotech research firm Miltenyi Biotec hit by ransomware, data leaked
2020-11-10Intel 471Intel 471
Trickbot down, but is it out?
BazarBackdoor TrickBot
2020-11-05Kaspersky LabsKaspersky Lab ICS CERT, Vyacheslav Kopeytsev
Attackson industrial enterprises using RMS and TeamViewer: new data
2020-11-04VMRayGiovanni Vigna
Trick or Threat: Ryuk ransomware targets the health care industry
BazarBackdoor Cobalt Strike Ryuk TrickBot
2020-10-29Red CanaryThe Red Canary Team
A Bazar start: How one hospital thwarted a Ryuk ransomware outbreak
Cobalt Strike Ryuk TrickBot
2020-10-29Twitter (@anthomsec)Andrew Thompson
Tweet on UNC1878 activity
BazarBackdoor Ryuk TrickBot UNC1878
Dridex Emotet ISFB QakBot
2020-10-29Palo Alto Networks Unit 42Brad Duncan, Brittany Barbehenn, Doel Santos
Threat Assessment: Ryuk Ransomware and Trickbot Targeting U.S. Healthcare and Public Health Sector
Anchor BazarBackdoor Ryuk TrickBot
2020-10-26Arbor NetworksSuweera De Souza
Dropping the Anchor
AnchorDNS Anchor TrickBot
2020-10-23HornetsecurityHornetsecurity Security Lab
Leakware-Ransomware-Hybrid Attacks
Avaddon Clop Conti DarkSide DoppelPaymer Mailto Maze Mespinoza Nefilim RagnarLocker REvil Sekhmet SunCrypt
2020-10-20Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der InformationstechnikBSI
Die Lage der IT-Sicherheit in Deutschland 2020
Clop Emotet REvil Ryuk TrickBot
2020-10-20MicrosoftTom Burt